Delicious Summer Nights!

Delicious Summer Nights!

At Zoie not only are we obsessed with anything fashion but we also L O V E clean eating – Due to high demand for the recipe for our summer salad here it is 🙂
Enjoy xx

Roast Vegetable and Pomegranate Salad

2 Green Capsicums
1 Medium Eggplant
1 Large Zuchinni
Wild lettuce
Goats Cheese
1 Pomegranate
Salt, Oregano & Olive Oil

Slice up all vegetables then season with Salt, Oregano & Olive Oil

Grill the vegetables until cooked through
Mix in your choice of wild lettuce
season again with olive oil , salt and oregano

Portion into bowls evenly add goats cheese and pomegranate into each bowl on top

Easy xx