8 Other Reasons Accessories

8 Other Reasons  is an Australian Accessories label specialising in staetment designer pieces at prices which wont disturb your wallet.

it is amazing to be stocking products that are 14k gold plated that are so inexpensive!

Founded in 2010 this brand is set to be every gals hand and neck candy within the next few months!! 

The ever changing statement label continually serves up infectious & fresh designs maintaining strong brand DNA .

All the above items are available now at ZOIE

 Accessories Featured are:

Backstabber Ring

Claws Out Necklace (Gold)

Claws Out Necklace (SIlver)

Compulsive Cuff (Gold)

Compulsive Cuff (Silver)

The Gossip (Gold)

The Gossip (Silver)

What Lies Beneath